Our core believes and most important values

Who we are…

It’s simple, we are people. We listen, we take care, and we understand. Your success is important and we take it to heart because our success is based on that. Having the right tools and opportunities to flourish is important, and we have all of those and want to provide them to you.

When we do that, we get goosebumps. We love goosebumps.

What we do…

We provide you with enterprise grade services to get your business noticed online. The only thing that is not enterprise grade is our prices. We don’t believe you should pay tens of thousands of rands to get your business noticed online. What we do believe in is making your business visible to tens of thousands of potential customers with offordable SEO.

How we do it…

We take absolute care of each and every one of our clients. No matter how big or small. We tend to build long term relationships with our clients. Something that starts as a business transaction ends as a friendship which makes success the only option. We don’t like disappointing our friends. We believe in trust, honesty and integrity.

Our philosophy…

PageRank was started with belief that every business should be online. It’s a fact that simply cannot be ignored. Getting your business online is no easy feat. It can also be an expensive journey. Here at PageRank, we change that.

We believe that it is vital to get your business online. In today’s technologically advanced world we live in, this is where potential customers turn to when searching for your products or services. 98% of customers start their search for products of services online, even if those transactions are concluded offline.

We provide you with easy and affordable services to get your business online and visible to the world in a beautiful and professional way which doesn’t break the bank. We have carefully analyzed the market and came to a shocking conclusion that web design, SEO and graphic design services are extremely expensive. Our philosophy is to allow every business to gain market traction by getting online and in front of the eyes of millions of customers at an affordable price.

Big corporate enterprises with HUGE budgets shouldn’t take away your market simply because they have the money. You should get the market you deserve based on the quality of service you provide no matter how big or small your business is.

Our idea… WASS…

After careful analysis of the internet market, we came up with the perfect solution to get any business online and visible without breaking the bank. We created the Website As A Service model, or WASS for short.

WASS is based on the idea that you don’t pay for your websites custom design. Nothing. Zip. Nada! In its own right, this first in South Africa model saves you an initial investment of tens of thousands of rands for website design.

With WASS you only pay a low monthly payment for your website. Starting at only R195 per month, we design your website and host it for you. No additional costs whatsoever. This allows you to see quick return on investment. Your leads and sales will skyrocket!

We love hearing from you. If you have any questions about our services or offerings or even if you just want to say hi, Give us a shout..

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